Branch Research Policy

Queries are welcomed. Do not send payment with your initial request. A researcher will be in contact to tell you what amount to remit. Research results will follow shortly after payment is received. Charges are for the search, regardless of results.
Send queries to Branch Queries Co-ordinator. or, direct your request to the snail mail address shown below, include your email address should clarification be required. Unfortunately, fax and telephone requests cannot be accepted.

Obituaries / Death Notices: 

Obituaries are available at a fee of $5 per obituary (copy).  Please use our “Obituary and Death Notice Index” link which is prominently featured on our home page.  Please send an email to and include the following – all are available on the index results page: 

  1. Given and surname (and maiden name, if available) of the deceased individual. 
  2. Year of death 
  3. Location (where available) 
  4. Reference number as indicated on the search results page 

NOTE: We will perform best efforts (compare name, age, location, date) to ensure the requested copy is the correct person; we cannot guarantee an exact match – especially with common names like Smith or Jones. 

Our obituary copies are clippings obtained from past local newspapers prior to the branch use of genealogical software and scanning tools, so we have no record of the actual publication date or source. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the obituary is from the London Free Press, although there is a high probability it is true. The collection known as the “Totten Collection”, covering the period 1945-1950”, was collected by an individual who later donated it to the branch for the benefit of other researchers.

All fees collected are put to use by the branch in the form of information sessions to the public, ongoing record digitization, preservation of existing resources and advocacy.  We, as volunteers, do not retain any of the fees – we participate due to our genealogical interest. 

Our branch has limited available payment options: 1) submitting payment through PayPal or, 2) submitting a personal cheque through regular mail services.  Payment details will be sent to you as part of our payment request. 

Generally, we respond to obituary requests within 48 hours of receipt of your request, and the obituary copy sent to you via email services within 24 to 48 hours after the receipt of payment. 

Other Research:

The Branch research policy (including fees) is undergoing a review at this time. We appreciate your patience in the interim. Please contact the branch research volunteer via the link below for further information regarding your specific request.

London & Middlesex County Branch, OGS
715 Fanshawe Park Road West
Unit #FAG23
London ON N6G 5B4
Branch Queries Co-ordinator