London Newspapers 1831 – 1856

The London District was served by a variety of newspapers during the years before Confederation. Here we present digitized images of microfilmed copies of available editions of the following newspapers. These have not been indexed and are not searchable at this time. Readers may browse page by page as when viewing the original microfilm. Click on the Reel # to proceed to the microfilm images.

Reel 1

  • The London Sun 1831-1833
  • The True Patriot; and London District Advertiser 1834-1835
  • The Upper Canada Times and London District Gazette 1835-1836
  • The Wesleyan Advocate 1835-1836
  • Freeman’s Journal 1836
  • London Gazette 1836-1842
  • Canada Inquirer, later known as London Inquirer 1839-1845
  • The London Herald and London and Western Districts Advertiser, later known as the London Herald and Tri-Weekly Advertiser 1843
  • The Times, also variously entitled London Times and Canada General Advertiser, London Times, and London Times and Western Advertiser 1845-1856

Reel 2

  • The Times, etc., continued from Reel 1

Reel 3

  • The Times, etc., continued from Reel 2
  • The Western Globe 1845-1851?
  • The London Gazette 1847

Reel 4

  • The Evangelical Pioneer 1848-1850
  • The Western Canadian 1848